Essence of love, Pittsburgh

Essence of love, Pittsburgh

Somehow it has been nearly a year since we started considering when to shut things down. What a long, strange trip it's been so far, right? We miss seeing so many of you in the shops, but are most grateful for your continued support shopping online and picking up curbside. Thanks to those who do stop by--we can see those smiles behind your masks. If you have been missing shopping in stores with us, here is a sensory reminder of love, Pittsburgh.



Even masked up these days, we love how you walk in and remark on how wonderful our shops smell. A swirling brew of various candles, soaps, and most likely freshly roasted coffee beans, combine to create our singular aroma. Is it the blood orange from the Pittsburgh Sky soap? Could be black tea, bamboo, and bergamot of our signature Love candle? Irie Espresso beans from I & I Coffee? If only we could bottle it up to share with you.


The music will be different depending on who is working that day. But if you find yourself in the shop when Kelly S is working, expect to listen to roots reggae, doo wop, Alternative 80’s, and often women fronted bands. Here is a playlist to give you some in store vibes: love, Pittsburgh vibes 1


We like to tell stories by creating fun little groupings. Sometimes it’s a color story,  like our Pastels and Seashells last summer, or seasonal stories. What we really love, is when several very different artists come together and tell a brand new story. Like Hey Beasts Pierogi holding penguins hanging with Garbella's Pierogi pin, and Steel Wool Yarns crochet pierogi ornaments. Such a cute and most Pittsburgh story!

Please share what us what you love about our shops (we so appreciate your reviews and social media comments).

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