December One Of A Kind: Frosted Forest

December One Of A Kind: Frosted Forest

The final month of 2020 is all about snow dusted trees sparkling in a frosted forest. Pine greens join sky blue by day, and starry blackened nights. December's One Of A Kind Collection reflects this mood in forest greens, teals and turquoises, grounded in charcoal black and vintage brass.

Some of the new vintage pieces you will find in December's One Of A Kind:

This beautiful planter features a turquoise to forest green gradient glaze, perfect for a winter forest feel.

This set of four small plates has a triangle design, reminiscent of full pine trees.

A heavy metal brass angle wing makes an ideal bedside treasure keeper.

A few new vintage fabric sketchbooks are available to complete the One Of A Kind Frosted Forest Feel.

Shop the rest of the collection here!

Hope your December is frosty, cozy, and definitely One Of A Kind.


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