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Everything here is designed by a Pittsburgh artist.

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Makers We Love

Amber & Jeanne-Marie - Moss and Fern

"We share a passion for gardening and an intense love of nature. We want our customers to value the natural environment and cherish their most important memories through the art of botanical design."

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Ashley Cortz - Black Forge Coffee

"We are a bit out of the ordinary from your traditional coffee shop. We are a coffee shop/art gallery/music venue with a heavy metal theme. Our customers love us for our aesthetic, customer service and wide range of unique and original drink creations."

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Patrick Zulick - I & I Coffee

"The I & I name has roots in Ethiopia and the Rastafarian culture and is the encompassing you, me and the higher consciousness, showing we are all equal. This is coffee for the people, grown by people who work very hard to give us this gift, respect. "

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