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love, Pittsburgh

Expecting Box

Expecting Box

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The best baby shower gift to give and welcome the newest Pittsburgher into the world. Whether a little boy or little girl, we’ve got you covered with everything from onesies, to bibs, to toys.

Welcome your baby home in our cozy onesies and they’ll be ready to cuddle for the rest of the day. You can bring newborns joy by entertaining them with a handmade wooden toy and even keep them clean at mealtime with our Rivers Stripe Bib. 

Gift Box includes:

love, Pittsburgh
Yellow Rainbow Onesie
A grey rainbow on a bright yellow onesie for a playful take on Pittsburgh weather.  Newborn size.
Triple Pittsburgh Onesie
Wavy text in triplicate these dancing neutrals compliment newborn wiggles.  Size 3 - 6 months.

Rivers Stripe Bib
Stay tidy and fashionable with our iconic Pittsburgh design on a soft yellow bib.  
John and Millie Muse
Handmade Wood Toy
Cute for play or to decorate a nursery, and made wooden toy on wheels.

Each box is packaged in a kraft gift box filled with protective black crinkle cut paper.

Need to order 5 or more boxes?  Contact us and we will confirm your order.

love, Pittsburgh

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