Thanks for your donations!

Thanks for your donations!

Thanks to your generosity, we were recently able to send out a total of $526 in donations. Learn more about how we were able to contribute to SisTers PGH and Nose 2 Tail Cat Rescue.

SisTers PGH 

This winter, Downtown Pittsburgh Partnership hosted a Holiday Window ContestUsing her mother's glass and crystal ornament collection, Artist Katy Dement created our beautiful Frosted Forest window. Although we did not win the contest, we won in donations. Katy offered up each ornament for a $5 donation, and we collected $213 dollars from you! We matched this amount, and just sent $426 to SisTers PGH.

 Nose 2 Tail

Throughout 2020, we had 2 boxes on our counters to collect donations for Nose 2 Tail Cat Rescue. We love this cat shelter in McDonald, and spent nearly a year volunteering there. We collected $50 dollars from our cash boxes, and are also matching your donations. Thanks for helping us send $100 to this wonderful shelter. 

We love your generosity, and are thankful for your donations.

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