Self-Care Labor Day

Self-Care Labor Day

If you're teetering on the line of burnout, we hope you take this Labor Day weekend to refuel your energy and refresh your mind. Practicing self-care is just as essential and crucial as working, eating, and sleeping. Here are some ideas to help you stay committed to caring for your mental and physical well-being!


Writing out your thoughts and feelings, with no one reading to judge, is very therapeutic! If you're feeling flustered or your thoughts feel chaotic, journaling can help you process and gain clarity. Grab your one-of-a-kind notebook and see what happens when your pen hits the paper! To really set the tone, light up a Sacred Herb Wand and dis-spell any negative energy before you begin journaling.  

Honor your Senses

Focusing on your five senses is a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety. By connecting with each of your senses, you are forcing your body to focus on the present moment. Here are some ways to connect to a few of your senses.

Appeal to your sense of smell by lighting up a candle! Find a candle where the scent sounds intriguing and satisfying to you. Take the time to focus on the different notes you recognize and enjoy the aroma filling up your space. Some team favorites are our LOVE Candle and Wildflowers of Pennsylvania Candle.

For touch and feel, try taking a bath and lightly exfoliating your body from head to toe. Our soaps with simple ingredients leave your skin feeling fresh and supple. 

Our skincare fanatics will LOVE Lovett Sundries. With old fashioned techniques and recognizable ingredients, their creams will have any skin type thriving. By spending the time to care for your skin, you'll feel connected to your touch sense. 

Get connected with your sense of taste! Use a day to really dedicate yourself to a recipe you wouldn't normally spend the time to try. New recipes cause you to focus and each bite will mean more knowing how much effort you put in. Find some of our favorite recipes here with Steel City Salts. 

Laugh with Friends

A common misconception is that self-care means being by yourself. Self-care is the practice of prioritizing your mental and physical health, which can look different for everyone. Game night with friends is bound to come with laughs and good chats. Our Protected Pack Card Deck is a special set featuring beautiful artwork of near threatened, vulnerable, endangered, critical, and extinct species (a guaranteed conversation starter). 


We hope these ideas help you explore ways to practice self-care and feel rejuvenated for the new season ahead!

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