Ritual Soapworks

Ritual Soapworks

Our recent journal entry about bath rituals inspired us to share another "ritual" with you, one of our local soap makers, Ritual Soapworks.  


We think the Ritual's soaps are so perfect for this time when maintaining the balance of self-care is very important.  Each soap has a name that helps us manifest a quality that we need in our life, like New Perspective, Harmony, and Meditation to name a few.  



These soaps are wonderful gifts on their own, and they also make an excellent pairing with personal care and home items.  We've curated a few assortments for you that include Ritual Soaps, including our Best Day Ever box, and Winter Wellness box that is available for a limited time.



While the soaps themselves tell a beautiful story, we think you'll love getting to know more about Jessica Halsband, the creator of Ritual Soapworks.  See her Maker We Love journal entry to learn more about her and her process.

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