Bath Rituals

Bath Rituals

It's the perfect time of year for indulging in a warm soak in the tub.  Taking a bath can be magical.  Sometimes the best ideas come to me when I'm able to unwind, or at the very least I'm ultra relaxed before bedtime.  I'm sharing the elements of my bath ritual, try them or experiment with your own.


I start every bath by lighting a candle while I'm filling up the tub.  The light of just a single flame sets a soothing mood.  A small tin is all you need, like this Lavender and Sage travel candle.



I like to play some music to accompany the experience.  I even play the same song to start, pressing play as I'm about to get in the water.  Hearing it is an instant relaxation trigger.  


Bath Bomb

A fizzy bath bomb is the best part of my bath.  The effervescence throws calming scents into the air and leaves the water silky and helps nourish skin in hot water.  Try this Sparkling Snowflake bath bomb.



When skin is softened it's a great time to use a gentle scrub to leave rough areas behind.  Buff your lips with this sweet Sugar Cookie Lip Scrub.



Lock in moisture post-bath with a creamy lotion and lip balm.  The LOVE Hand and Body cream and Vanilla Beeswax Lip Balm are my favorites.


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