Planting Trees

Planting Trees

Thanks to all of yinz, we have been able to plant 10 trees all around the Burgh!! Ever since we started our decline-a-bag program two years ago, we have saved hundreds of our paper bags and donated regularly to Tree Pittsburgh, a local environmental non-profit. 

10 Trees to Tree Pittsburgh

We donate 50 cents each time you decline a bag when spending $10 or more. To date, our collective donation to Tree Pittsburgh is equivalent to planting 10 trees in Pittsburgh! We are so thankful that many of you participate in our efforts and show up with your own tote bags. 

BYOBag (Bring Your Own Bag)

Our decline-a-bag program is ongoing and we encourage you to bring a tote (or shop ours the next time you're in! We'll ask if you'd like a bag and when you decline, we mark a tally at our register. Let's keep doing our little part and hopefully plant 10 more trees! 

Keep it up! Learn more about our efforts with Tree Pittsburgh here.

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