We love Tree Pittsburgh

We love Tree Pittsburgh

A big THANK YINZ to who have been declining bags, bringing in your tote bags, or donating directly to our Tree Pittsburgh bank by the register! 

If you haven’t heard already, we’ve teamed up with Tree Pittsburgh, a local environmental non-profit, dedicated to restoring and protecting Pittsburgh’s urban forest through maintenance, planting, education, and advocacy (read more about our sustainable efforts here!). 

We started a program at both shops where we donate 50 cents each time a customer spends over $10 and declines a bag.  Since we started the program, hundreds of yinz have supported this effort—through bag declines and donations, it is equivalent to planting 5 trees in the Burgh!  Each person making a small decision, such as refusing shopping bags, leads to great collective impact!

Our program with Tree Pittsburgh is ongoing and we encourage everyone to bring a tote (or buy one of our shopper totes) the next time you stop in.  We love seeing your support to take care of our beloved city! 

Tree Pittsburgh is always looking for more volunteers and support.  If you are interested in getting connected to more resources, visit their website www.treepittsburgh.org to learn more about upcoming events, classes, and ways to get involved! 

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