My Mount Lebanon: Part Two

My Mount Lebanon: Part Two

Here we are, part 2 of what I love about where I live, Mount Lebanon. Part 1 was all about “these are the people in your neighborhood” --the locals i’ve been lucky to befriend on my hundreds of walks. Now I am happy to share the retail shops, sips, and sweets that my family and I adore.

Shop 'Til You Drop

Rolliers Hardware

Of course we love supporting local, and this place is as local as it gets (at the end of our block!) Not a week goes by without a Rolliers visit. From the handles on our kitchen cabinets to annual potting soil, this is our first choice for all of our home needs. They even allow dogs, so Macie loves going and often getting a pat on the head and a treat from the cashier (she made it onto their doggie wall-of-fame.)

Vinyl Remains

Our friend, Greg, runs this well-stocked record shop. His depth of musical knowledge is mind-blowing, yet he is no music snob. All are welcome, and big name new releases mix in with dollar bin albums that you cannot pass up. He has also been offering more and more vintage equipment, so check in for turntables, speakers, and more.

Commonwealth Press

What's not to love about Commonwealth Press? Their take on Barbie is incredible! Anything we feature in our shops from them earns a chuckle. Especially the "jagoff" pin with the arrow pointing to the person next to the wearer. Find so much Pittsburghese jazz at their only retail location.

Mount Lebanon Floral

Such a dreamy place just to enter. In addition to a wonderful assortment of plants and cut flowers for arranging, discover fun vessels and gifts too.

 Mount Lebanon Public Library

Although it's not retail, I have to give a shout out to the Mount Lebanon Library. This lovely institution has served me through the years as a reading sanctuary, reserved room meeting and work space, and wonderful meditation classrooms downstairs.

Baked Goodness

Mel's Petite Cafe

Dang these crepes are sooooo delicious! The simple sucre is perfection. But, hey,  don't miss the savory options too. Sweet and easy meeting spot to catch up with friends.

La Gourmandine Bakery

My family have been here an embarrassing amount of times. It's not easy to pick a favorite, but the choquettes, caprese sandwich, almond croissants, and baguettes are all stand outs.

Uptown Coffee

There has been a recent change in ownership, and thankfully the baked classics remain, along with a welcome updated makeover inside. Every oversize cookie has been loved by my family, but the salted caramel chocolate chip cookie ranks at the top. 


Get here early before the crowds! A wonderful selection of baked goods mix with imported sundries and sweets.

Anthos Bakery And Cafe 

Although located in Castle Shannon, Anthos deserves a special shout out. Have you been? The cutest interior boasts some super delicious greek food. Ah, the hummus and the spanakopita! And the dreamiest breads around town.


Daytime Pick-Me-Up

Orbis Caffe

Orbis feels like home. All friendly faces behind the counter (Hi, Jess!) and the recently added bar invites you to stay past coffee hour for a happy hour. Or two. Aperol Spritz for the win.


Always screaming for ice cream. We love stopping in for a cooling summer-time treat. Pro-tip: they have incredible ice cream cakes too!

Amy's Bakery Cafe

Besides the most delectable baked goods, we think their taro boba tea is the best in Pittsburgh! My daughter, Diaz, is obsessed. Plus, catching up with Amy is always a joy.

Grandpa Joe's

I want candy! A cheerful place for any age, and all sweet tooths.

Happy Hour(s)

East End Brewery Tap Room

Scott, the owner of East End Brewing, is the kindest, most hardworking person. Feeling fortunate that this tap room recently opened right up the street. Huge fan of their Partly Clauhdy IPA.


Great beers here! Did you know they have Leona's too? Ideal spot for you and your pup to enjoy a Bane Of Existence at the outside picnic tables.

Wine Bar in Back of II Pizzaiolo

Another spot where you need to arrive early, but so worth it. If you walk through the restaurant, you cut across the patio and up the stairs to a cute back building.  Next to the small bar is a cozy setting around a fireplace, perfect for sipping a glass of well-curated Italian wine.

Roof Deck Of The Saloon

Often they have a sandwich board claiming "best sunset view" and it really is true! Climb up the back stairs to your own lively oasis while enjoying the arriving night sky.

Cheers everyone! I know there's much more that makes Mount Lebanon special--share your faves in the comments.

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