My Mount Lebanon: Part One

My Mount Lebanon: Part One

Deciding to boomerang back to Pittsburgh after more than 20 years in NYC, mobility was super important to me. Mount Lebanon's walkability, commercial districts, and the “T” train stops make for an ideal home base. 

Because there is so much to love in the Mount Lebanon that I call home, I have to make this a 2 parter! Part one will be about walking adventures, including friends I’ve made along the way. Part 2 will be all about the businesses I’ve grown to love here.

Dreamy Walks

Walking is the ultimate therapy for me. Part meditative, part fresh air, part exercise, I love a daily walk out my front door. Mount Lebanon is a wonderful walking neighborhood, offering urban, suburban, and solitude options.


During the first year of Covid, I found solace in the nearby cemetery. Daily walks revealed deer families, a hawk, loads of birds, squirrels, and bunnies making their homes here.

Bird Park feels like a secret hideaway. You can almost get lost on the waterside trails surrounded by fallen logs and trailside treasures like mushrooms and moss. There are several pavilions and a giant firepit at the bottom park entry. One time I even heard a tree fall here-it was a surreal experience!

My favorite walks are simply wandering the beautiful neighborhoods. I oftern choose to walk to visit friends while gawking at so many different types of homes-each one beautiful in their unique details. Loads of stone walls, terra cotta roofs, and giant old trees shading the sidewalks. Plus the sunrises and sunsets are often full of magic.

These are the people (and pups) in your neighborhood

I feel fortunate to make so many friends on my walks, especially when my dog, Macie, is with me.

Some friends made along the way:

--Winston the dog, named after Winston Churchill, and Cocoa, another pomeranian, from Resonance Violins.

--Charlie, who honks his red clown nose at Macie, saying "she likes it!"

--My neighbor, Kim Fox, of Worker Bird, always has loads of cuddles and hugs for Macie.

--The sweetest crossing guard, Dave, always with a kind wave and “good morning” during morning Macie walks.

--Wheelchair bound Ricky and Lucy, often encountered on cemetery walks.

--Slow strolling neighbor, David, always in a Pirates cap with his hands clasped behind his back, who says "hi puppy" everytime he sees Macie.

Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon!

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