Maker Moment Recap: Lovett Sundries and Mary Mack Prints

Maker Moment Recap: Lovett Sundries and Mary Mack Prints

Our latest Maker Moment event was a celebration of spring vibes and eco connections.  With freshened spirit we share some of our favorite memories - from learning about new print-making processes to how hand cream is made - in this event recap.


Mary Mack Prints

Mary Tremont of Mary Mack Prints at our Maker Moment

The evening started off with fun mingling and delicious brews from Cinderlands.  Kelly and I kicked off the night and introduced our featured artists starting with Mary Tremonte of Mary Mack Prints.

Mary described her creative process, detailing the different methods she uses to create her screen printed art that uses a combination of hand cut and photo-sensitive developed screens. 

Foraging for mushrooms being in nature inspires much of her art.  She enjoys the idea that her art can be worn as a signal to others of your interests in fungi and other under-sung fauna.  Creating wearable and functional pieces that feature her art is fundamental, like this Mushroom Bandana and Squirrel Stationery

You can learn more about Mary's background in her Maker We Love

Products by Mary Mack



Lovett Sundries

Marit mixing hand cream

Next up was Jeff and Marit of Lovett Sundries.  The duo are partners in life, parenting, as well as business and each excel in a different arm of their venture.  Marit loves the creation and production of products such as their clean ingredient-based hand creams and soaps.  Jeff finds his stride in creating processes that help their manufacturing scale as they grow their business.   

As a special treat, Marit provided a demonstration of how hand creams are made, utilizing smaller versions of the equipment you would find in their double-duty store and manufacturing space.  With just a handful of ingredients and careful attention to temperature changes throughout the process, Marit whipped up mini hand cream samples in their new Orange Blossom scent for all of the attendees.  Shop all of Lovett's eco-friendly products here, and learn more about their background in this Maker We Love journal post.

Jeff pouring hand cream




Maker Moment Event

James represented Cinderlands, our neighborhood brewery from down the street.  They showcased new and classic beers including a summer version of their go-to light beer called Lil' Cinder Lime, a Check the Gate, a Hazy IPA with peach and tea, and their newest release - Cindi's Hard Mountain Tea.  The hard tea has been an instant favorite amongst Cinderland's fans and is a great way to welcome spring sunshine. 

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