Ways To Elevate Your Holiday Meals With Steel City Salts

Ways To Elevate Your Holiday Meals With Steel City Salts

Now that we have reached the middle of November, holiday meal planning is in full swing. We love talking recipes with you in the shops, so we thought we would share some fun finds to cook up with much loved salts from Steel City Salt Co.

A spicy way to start a day full of meal prep is to salt rim your glass. The Dill Pickle Salt enhances any Bloody Mary

Getting into the meat and potatoes of the meal, here are some suggested salt pairings with favorite found recipes:

Add Alderwood Smoked Salt for authentic smoked flavor to Turkey Breast

Toss Maple Jalapeno Blend onto Brussel Sprouts

Take your  Mashed Potatoes over the top by seasoning with Steeltown Garlic & Herb Salt

love, Pittsburgh Everything Salt adds extra flavor to Sauteed Green Beans

 Now that everyone is Thankful and full, with a tiny bit of room left for dessert, indulge in a cup of  Hot Cocoa topped with a sprinkling of Cinnamon Sugar. mmmmmmmm....

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