Champions of Local and Sustainability

Champions of Local and Sustainability

Since our initial gold designation from Sustainable Pittsburgh in 2019, we have been upping our sustainability efforts. Covid has stretched us to be creative and find new ways to maintain our environmental mindfulness while also complying with covid safety measures. We renewed our gold designation this year and are proud to be a Sustainable PGH Shop

Here are a few sustainable practices we use today: 

1. We have had to make many adjustments to follow covid safety measures, but we have always had sustainability in mind when changing our guidelines. With sanitation being a top priority with reopening in this past year, we were also beginning to use paper towels at a much faster rate. We swapped our paper towels for a stack of rags, allowing us to wash and reuse towels every week without adding more to our waste. 

2. We have continued our support with Tree Pittsburgh (learn more here) and have added new ways for you to team up with us. We added Tree Pittsburgh Notecard Set as a way to partner with them and further our support of local environmental nonprofits. 

3. Our main effort for sustainability is also the heartbeat to love, Pittsburgh--supporting local. We carry over 100 Pittsburgh artists and makers and this past year has made more apparent than others how important it is to support your neighbors. The pandemic has been undoubtedly difficult for everyone, but yinz showed up to support our small business and the many Pittsburghers we carry. We are so thankful, and because of you, we get to continuously add new makers and expand our support for our community. 


Learn more about our sustainable efforts that we follow since our 2019 gold designation here

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