Your Dog's Favorite Pittsburgh Spots

Your Dog's Favorite Pittsburgh Spots

One of the beautiful things about Pittsburgh is that there's nature everywhere. We have green areas, gardens, city- and state parks, walking trails, rivers, and lakes.... the list goes on. All this nature makes Pittsburgh the ideal city to live in if you have (or want to get!) a dog. Along with all the nature areas meant for humans, there are some awesome dog parks in the area, too! 

Downtown Dog Park

On the corner where Fort Duquesne Blvd meets the Rachel Carson Bridge, there is a dog park perfect for your furry friend to run around and go potty in the middle of an exciting downtown excursion. The fenced in area is small, but serves great purpose for some off-leash fun with an amazing river view!

Southside Dog Park

Stop by this off-leash dog park before or after a beautiful and refreshing walk along the Southside River trail and enjoy watching your pup have fun running around with friends. The dog park has tons of parking space (which we all know is rare for the South Side...). There's also an attached, smaller fenced in area reserved for the littlest friends. 

Olympia Dog Park 

Surrounded by great walking trails and fairly close to the famous Grandview Overlook, you'll find Olympia Park and dog park in Mount Washington. The fenced off-leash area provides a hill for your dog to burn extra energy while running up and down, and there are plenty of dog friends as the park is popular with both Mount Washington locals and visitors from other neighborhoods.

Frick Park Off-Leash Area

For the east Pittsburghers, Frick Park might be the go-to place to exercise your dog. The wide, well traveled trails in the park are great for walking your four-legged friend for miles on end, and there's always new things to discover and love about one of Pittsburgh's largest city parks. Hidden almost in the center of the park, you'll find the fenced-in dog park: a popular spot to for humans to take a small break and for dogs to burn extra energy as they run around and play.  

Bellevue Dog Woods

Just a couple of miles outside the Pittsburgh City limit, you will find Bellevue Dog Woods. The fenced-in dog park is huge, and has a wooded area with a lot of trees to sniff, a play area in the center with plenty of space to run around, and a gym area in the back which is set up for various agility exercises. Bellevue Dog Woods is popular with people from all over Pittsburgh.
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