Women Makers Gift Guide

Women Makers Gift Guide

We sure make it easy to support women over here! Over 100 of the brands that we feature are women-owned, with FIFTEEN new women-owned businesses added this year. Here are some suggestions to champion these women by shopping with us.  We also encourage you to directly support them at art festivals, our Maker Moments, and pop-up events throughout Pittsburgh.

Tried and true Originals from the start

There is some solid female talent right here in Pittsburgh. We feel so lucky to be able to feature a bunch of women makers when we opened our first location on Mount Washington in 2017. Here are a few of the stellar originals:

Worker Bird

Kim Fox of Worker Bird creates some long-standing customer favorites. At the top is her Bridges Art, popular as a print and a tea towel. Did you know she also does corporate art installations? Kim is a woman of many talents (and pups.)

North Ave Candles

The Banned Books series from North Ave Candles is a much loved classic candle collection. Amanda has been a wonderful ally through the years, partnering on everything from the Essential Pittsburgh Candle Set to helping develop custom scents, like our love, Signature scent.

Sapling Press

Lisa Krowinski of Sapling Press comes up with the quips the keep our shoppers cracking up. Find sentiments like: “I miss you. Nobody here understands how hilarious I am.” We all need to send and share in a good giggle these days.


Garbella has reached into the heart of Pittsburgh with her designs. Amy Garbark's "P is for Pierogi" art is loved by both locals and visitors.

Newbies in 2023

We are continuously looking to promote local artists and makers, so you will always find newness in the shops. Here are several we have added in 2023.

Toni Unleashed


You sure love your pups! We instantly sold out of our first round of dog toys from Toni Unleashed. Looking good enough to eat!

Of course the Pierogi Dog Toy is your favorite!

Laverne Kemp

Laverne Kemp is a Pittsburgh treasure, and we are thrilled to finally feature some of her lovely work. Recently I was lucky enough to visit her in her sunlight drenched studio at Union Project. What a wonderland of textiles, beads, color stories, vintage treasure vignettes, giant looms, and more. Because her cards and jewelry are one-of-a-kind, they are only available in stores at this time. Stop in and and ask about Laverne!

Stay tuned for more very coming soon: LuluZ Designs and Squirrel Hill Designs.


Dream Team Talent

It brings us much joy to feature our own Dream Team. Monica and I find ourselves with less time to create these days, but I am still making toomanysparkles and curating Kelly's Vintage Treasures, while Monica's best selling Pop Craft pierogi ornament is usually available (she made close to 1000 last year!)

Moss And Fern

Amber manages our Strip District shop, and is one half of Moss And Fern. Amber and Jeanne-Marie are nature and plant lovers at heart, and their gorgeous pressed botanicals are a customer favorite.

Sam Kibbe

Newer to our Dream Team is Sam Kibbe, and we were excited to learn of her delectable cookie-making skills. Stay tuned for both edible and not-so edible cookies from Sam. 

Jennifer Shields



We have to give a shout out to superstar, Jen. Not only does she manage our Mount Washington and Downtown locations, Jen will come up with brilliant ideas on the spot. Our quickly sold out  “nebbie newbie” onesie? That was all Jen. 

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