Win as a team, Celebrate as a team

Win as a team, Celebrate as a team

We want to shout it from the rooftops, we have L-O-V-E for our team!  They are the glue that holds us together, and the special sauce that spices up our shops.  

We recently were voted Best Locally Owned Retail Shop by City Paper Readers (check out our blog about it here), and to celebrate we took our whole team out to the ballgame!  Although our Pierogi didn't win (swing that purse Hannah!), the Buccos did in grand fashion against the Cubs. 

It's obvious that our team plays a major role in how folks fall in love with our shop.  They are dedicated to sharing the stories of our artists with anyone who will listen.  They are true fans of the products we carry (and also happen to become our best customers!).  Not only do they put a friendly face forward, they do a ton of hard work behind the scenes that keeps our content fresh, our shelves stocked, our plants pretty, and our stores sparkling.  

Team, we couldn't have got here without you.  Thank you a million!  


Kelly and Monica

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