Why I value shopping local

Why I value shopping local

The Benefits of Shopping Local

As an owner of a shop that sells all locally sourced products, I am all in when it comes to shopping local.  It is a value that I often consider when making purchase decisions both personally and for love, Pittsburgh. 

When you shop local, you're doing more than just buying a product. You're supporting your community, the environment, and the economy.  Here are just a few of the benefits of shopping local, and how to make it part of your daily practice.


love, Pittsburgh Mount Washington store

Support your community

When you shop local, you're putting money back into your community. Local businesses are more likely to reinvest their profits into the other local businesses, which creates jobs, supports local organizations, and makes your community a better place to live.

We are proud that the vast majority of our operating expenses are spent with artists, makers, and service providers who are located in Pittsburgh.


Sustainable personal care gifts

Help the environment

Shopping local helps reduce your carbon footprint. When you buy from a local business, the products you buy don't have to travel as far, which means less pollution and less fuel consumption.  

In my neighborhood of Mount Washington I love being able to walk to the grocery, post office, floral shops and great dining.  I can also walk to work ;)  Shopping hyper-local means more lovely walks and less vehicle pollution. 


One-of-a-kind Kreepy doll

Find unique products

Local businesses often carry items that you can't find at big-box stores. We love curating our assortment of products with interesting finds like vintage treasures and one-of-a-kind artworks that we know our customers will love.

In the shops we are always keeping our ears open to your ideas and requests, and often collaborate with artists to bring new products into the store based on customer feedback.  Looking for something?  Let us know and it might show up on our shelves!


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Enjoy better customer service 

Finding good service isn't hard when you shop local.  Each customer is extremely important to a small business and we're invested in making sure you have a positive shopping experience.  

We are a full service gift shop and are ready to help you pick out and gift-package just what you need.  I love seeing how many people are buying gifts to give and learning about who they are for.  Whether you're shopping for someone special, or gifts for a large group, we are the experts at making gifting special and easy for you.


love, Pittsburgh Downtown Store

Build relationships with your community

Shopping local is a great way to meet your neighbors and build relationships with the people who make up your community. When you shop local, you're not just a customer, you're a member of a community.

I have found more sense of community being a small business owner than I have in many other groups.  It connects you to the fabric of a place, and I'm so proud that our stores are contributing to our local neighborhoods.  

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