What Type Of Bird Are You?

What Type Of Bird Are You?

If you were a bird, what would you be? I loved learning on a Kentuck Knob tour that Frank Lloyd Wright classified his clients as "perchers" or "nesters." Fallingwater looks ready made for perchers, while Kentuck Knob definitely feels cozy and snug, like a nest. Either way, you are birdlike, but which kind?

Things like your birth month, favorite color, and ideal vacation destination are all clues to what type of bird you are. To help you find out, here are some quizzes.

What kind of bird are you?



What kind of bird reflects your soul?


What's your spirit animal?

If you enjoyed the bird quizzes, take this one to learn what is your spirit  animal:


My results: a hummingbird personality with a side of hawk spirit animal. You?



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