What to Give a Host (Hint: Don't Gift Wine) - 13 Unique Host Gifts That Will Impress

What to Give a Host (Hint: Don't Gift Wine) - 13 Unique Host Gifts That Will Impress

It's party season!  From holiday parties, New Year's, friends' gatherings, and more.  There are ample events to attend and just as many opportunities to show gratitude to your gracious hosts.  Don't show up empty-handed, bring these unique gifts that will make an impact.

13 Host gifts that make an impression (hint: don't gift wine)

A bottle of red may seem like a safe bet for many occasions, but once it's out of your hands, chances are that it will be lost in the shuffle of the other bottles brought by well-meaning guests.  By choosing to give something other than wine, your host will feel extra appreciated by the thought you put into their gift.  

1. Home Tea Towel

A gift that can be put into action right away is always welcome.  Chances are that this sweet towel will be helpful for serving or drying dishes at the end of the night, and become a kitchen mainstay for years to come.


2. Charcuterie Board

Just the right size for serving, this classic charcuterie board may even get used in a pinch for serving up hors d'oeuvres that night.  


3. Mineralogy Candle

You're host is a gem! Treat them like one with this mineralogy candle.


4. Heart of the City Ornament

This effortlessly handsome steel ornament is a welcome addition to any hosts tree and one they can enjoy for many holidays to come.


5. Hand Forged Bottle Opener

The feel of this in your palm can only be described as satisfying.  This solid, forged iron bottle opener will be in service at parties for years to come.


6. Paris of Appalachia Book

Add to their home library with a bit of local history written by Pittsburgh author and journalist Brian O'Neill.


7. Pittsburgh Heart Mug

For the host to enjoy while caffeinating the day after, a cup full of hand-made character.


8. Monongahela Overlook Coasters

You can never have too many coasters at a party, and this one boasts a neutral palette to go with any decor.


9. Sarris Skyline Assorted Chocolates

A classic Pittsburgh sweet treat to be enjoyed by the host or shared with the party guests.


10. Schoolhouse Coffee

Just in case they are unprepared for the morning after, make sure they have the perks they will need for post-party cleanup.  Brewed in Bethel Park by Reginald's.


11. Yinzer Tea Sampler

The next morning caffeine answer for tea-lovers only.  Blended in Millvale by Abeille Voyante Tea Co.


12. Rivers Stripe Tote Bag

It is impossible to have too many tote bags.  An ideal gift to help them carry groceries, or future party supplies.


13. Winter Soap Set

Perfect for holiday time to help them replenish their counters with bar soap, or to be lathered for months to come.


(Bonus) 14. Crochet Penguin (for the kiddos)

Win aunt or uncle of the year (blood-relation not required) with a special gift for the little ones in your host's life.  This penguin is a charmer for any age.


Wishing you happy partying with an extra touch of class thanks to your thoughtful gift in hand!

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