What to Do in Pittsburgh's Cold Weather

What to Do in Pittsburgh's Cold Weather

It's about that time of the year when we all start getting cabin fever. We're craving activity and adventure from a long month of hibernation, but it's still too cold to be outside. Below are some ideas to get out-and-about while staying warm until spring!

Indoor Rock Climbing

If you want to try something new or are in need of an adrenal rush, rock climbing at ASCEND is an awesome activity to test your limits and get a great workout in, too. ASCEND offers other fitness and yoga classes if you're not quite ready to climb. 

The National Aviary 

Located in Pittsburgh's historic Northside, The National Aviary is America’s only independent indoor nonprofit zoo dedicated to birds. See tropical birds like colorful macaws to shake the winter cold.

Phipps Orchid and Tropical Bonsai Show

Transport yourself to the tropics for a few hours. Fill your senses with bright colors and fragrant flowers at the Orchid and Tropical Bonsai Show: An Ocean of Color.

Black Cat Market Cat Cafe

We love kitties at love, Pittsburgh! If you're in need of some snuggles, reserve a room at the Black Cat Market and Cat Cafe. Every cat is up for adoption, too! Take a look at their current cats at the cafe.

Crafting Classes

Try your hand at learning a new craft at Contemporary Craft in upper Lawrenceville. They are offering several different workshops, some are even virtual! They also have a store to shop locally made arts.

Bayernhof Museum

A lesser known museum than the Carnegie or Andy Warhol, the Bayernhof Museum houses a world-class collection of music boxes and other antique automatic music machines, as well as many other fascinating items. This large tudor-style house is filled with surprises room after room and will transport you out of Pittsburgh once inside.



Last, but certainly not least, is my personal favorite activity for any season in Pittsburgh. There are countless places in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas to find thrifted treasures. The best thrift stores, to me, are the ones that can't be found with a google search, but stumbled upon randomly during a drive. What if you're not looking for anything? Let the thrift store show you what you need. 

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