Welcoming Nature

Welcoming Nature

I am a huge fan of journaling and habit tracking, and I have a half dozen notebooks going at any one time to prove it!  While I get to partake in many of the things that are most important to me, I've been feeling that I am missing a big component to my happiness: Nature. 

This year, my resolution is to integrate more nature into my life.  This can look like many different things, some days may be spent outdoors, others perhaps just watering a plant in my home.  Whatever the way I interact, the intention to connect with nature is there.  

I'm sharing a few ways I've already gotten started as ideas on how to welcome more nature into your life.


Nature Journal cover

Nature Journal first entry

Nature Journal

I love creating hand bound journals, it's one of my favorite crafts.  So, a journal felt like the perfect way to honor my nature resolution. 

This one I made from sheets of graph paper, book board, and a repurposed National Geographic calendar (we would always have one in my house when I was growing up, but this one I picked up at Center for Creative Reuse).

In the journal I'm gluing "specimens" to each page.  It won't be everyday, just when I feel compelled to add some nature that called out to me.


Pittsburgh from Mount Washington over look


It takes a bit more convincing to make myself go for a walk on these cold winter days, but I never regret it once I'm out there.  Being outdoors, seeing the sky, feeling cold air on my face all make me feel connected to nature.  The other day I wanted to see the river, so I made it a point to swing by an overlook on Grandview on my walk.  Try this walk if you'd like to explore Mount Washington.


Touching a juniper bough

Touching plants

There's something fun and alluring about reaching out and touching a plant.  I had mini handshakes with several evergreen bushes that I passed on my walk.  It's fun to feel their texture, and touch something that we usually just pass by.  You could even stroke a leaf of a houseplant, feel it's veins, to appreciate it in a new way.


Sumac tree in winter

Learning about nature

I snapped a photo of a tree that had interesting deep red cone seed pods.  Not knowing what it was, I sent it to Amber who is a Master Gardner.  She was able to tell me it was a Sumac tree, that birds love and produce a beautiful color in fall.  What is something in nature you can learn more about?  Perhaps the different types of clouds, how to identify a tree by it's bark, or when to start seedlings.


Aloe and house plants

House plants

My house is pretty full of aloe plants at the moment.  I like to keep them outside over the summer and they always produce many many pups, which has expanded my aloe collection to a comical amount when I bring them all inside for the winter.  I plan on expanding to include varieties better suited for the low light in my house, pothos, snake plants, ivy, and others that I'll pick up from the shop.  I hope to make a green wall behind my tv, and let the plants grow and vine all around it.  Plus, I have a spot picked out in my kitchen for this Erel plant hanger.


Pink clouds


Seeing the sun set NEVER gets old for me.  I have been drooling over the colorful gradients and wispy pink clouds that have been the last light on the horizon.  Just taking a moment to appreciate nature's awesome beauty is enough, sometimes it's nice to snap a pic :)


How will you be integrating nature into your life this year?  Leave us a comment to let us know!


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These are fantastic suggestions since nature is usually so far from my mind in cold January. I have been day dreaming of Spring nature. The journal would be a great place for keeping my Spring garden checklist. Excited to see progress on your green wall.

Lee Overcashier

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