Welcome to My Neighborhood: Whitehall

Welcome to My Neighborhood: Whitehall

Whitehall Borough is a conveniently located suburb in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. I love the close proximity to downtown and parks from my neck of the woods. It's wonderful to be so close to many unique restaurants, ice cream joints, and recreational activities.

the much anticipated new pool

My family and I love to swim and have enjoyed having a private community pool in Whitehall since we first moved into this community. We are so excited to be able to enjoy a newly built pool this summer that includes slides, a lap pool, and very reasonably priced swim lessons during the summer months. 

Parks and Rec

Another bonus, Whitehall has playgrounds within each neighborhood area with small parks surrounding them. Community members can rent them out for birthday parties or other events. We are lucky enough to have 3 nearby parks within a short walk from our home.

The small neighborhood that I live in is also adjacent to the Baldwin Manor Park, which is run solely on donations from residents and members of the community. This little gem of a park provides a safe and scenic walking trail near busy Baptist Road to the shopping area of Caste Village. My family enjoys walking here for a nice meditative stroll.

There are two bowling alleys that are fun to visit with the kids too: Princess Lanes and Legacy Lanes.

Three Communities working together

Whitehall, Brentwood, and Baldwin are connected in many ways. The communities share a Chamber of Commerce and a Shade Tree Commission

It's so nice to have connected businesses within a minutes drive and the Shade Tree Commission plants trees at the neighboring parks and businesses. 

Favorite spots

Silk Road: Delicious food, especially the sushi.

Namaste Momo Corner: Amazing dumplings.

Bull River Tacos: This permanent food truck spot serves up some dang good tacos. We love their hot sauce too.

Eat n' Park: My kids love this classic diner. Who's kidding, so do I!

First Watch: Tasty and healthy breakfast/lunch spot.

Kelley's Dari Delite: This ice cream shop is a family treat that's right down the road in Bethel Park.

Chapon's Nursery: Where I buy most of my plants and other gardening essentials.

Rita's Ice: Yummy spot for a frozen treat.

The Views

My favorite thing about living in this community is probably the views from my deck and walks around my neighborhood. Our plan sits up high on a hill and I really enjoy watching storms roll in and the changing colors during a sunset. 

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