Weddings in the Age of COVID-19

Weddings in the Age of COVID-19

While weddings aren’t the most significant thing derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s hard for couples to not be discouraged when the special day they funneled so much time, planning and resources into is simply up in the air. Couples everywhere who have had their ceremonies planned far in advance have been faced with the questions: How can we have a wedding during a pandemic? Do we reschedule? While many of these couples have gone with the latter, the ones that decide to go on with their ceremonies have done so in very creative ways. From Zoom calls to socially-distant “micro-weddings,” these brides and grooms aren’t letting anything get in the way of their special day.

Briana and Kris

Actress Briana Henry-Bowers and composer Kris Lee Henry-Bowers had a socially-distant wedding on June 6th in their backyard.  A limited number of family and friends were invited, after testing negative for the virus. Those who couldn’t make it, joined in on Zoom!

The couple addressing their loved ones after the ceremony through Zoom. 

Custom embroidered masks for the event.

Individual champagne bottles - fun AND safe! 

Daniella and Stephen 

Actors Daniella Garcia and Stephen Borrello married in their own personal rose garden, with the few family members they had been quarantined with as attendees. As her dress was locked away in a closed warehouse due to COVID-19, she opted to wear her mother's gown from the 80's. Her mom set the dinner table with china from her own wedding, and cooked all of the food, making for an especially intimate event. 

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The newlyweds

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The table set with Daniella's mother's china. 

My father walks me down the aisle in our backyard.

Daniella and her father, walking down the aisle that is her rose garden. 

Francesca and Lee

Francesca Barker, Conde Nast event manager, and Lee McCormick, Ivy Citizens COO, had the most serene and personal beach wedding. They had two guests, their friends who they had quarantined with, and the rest of their family and friends attending on zoom. It was simple and romantic, and the little frills they did have - flowers and cake - were gifted to them by their family. 

Lee is always one for sweet surprises and spontaneity this lift included.

A spontaneous moment post-ceremony. 

The cake was a surprise gift from our parents baked and decorated by Cake Gallery a small business in Pensacola Florida....

A cappuccino-layer cake gifted by their parents. 

As we took our first walk as Mr. and Mrs. words cannot accurately describe the feelings we shared in that moment but I...

The couple wed on a serene, almost empty beach. 

While your wedding might not turn out how you originally planned - the result could be more intimate, personal and magical than you ever could have hoped for! 

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