We love USPS

We love USPS

We want to give a shout out to the United States Postal Service. As a small business, we have always relied on USPS to deliver your online orders. The majority of our packages make their way out into the world through the Mount Washington location on Shiloh Street.

We are grateful every day that we walk our packed up gifts down Shiloh Street, where we are almost always greeted by Ken.  (We did try to take Ken's picture, but he said photos are not permitted inside any post office. Unless a passport photo, of course.)


Not only do we love USPS for our package delivery, we are also a fan of snail mail. During the depths of quarantine, we launched our Sending Love Campaign. Monica and I felt privileged to write your words and send out your messages on postcards. 


We stamped and mailed over 1000 postcards this past spring! Through this campaign, we were able to raise $681 for the PGH Artists Emergency Fund. We could not have done this without USPS.

Thank you for being an invaluable partner, United States Postal Service.

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