Small ways we can offer support for local businesses

Small ways we can offer support for local businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating difficult times for many people, including many small business owners.  As a small business built around our Pittsburgh community and sharing local love, we've been thinking about what we can offer to help. 

If you are an artist, maker, small business owner, or know someone who is, we are sharing the resources that we can offer.  We hope that some of these things will be useful to your business, and are open to hearing your ideas of what else we can be doing for our business community.

e-Commerce and Shopify help

We run our online store on Shopify.  Whether you already have an online store or are ready to set one up to reach your customers, we are happy to share our experiences. 

Send us an email and we will figure out a way either by email, call or video chat to get your questions answered.  

Content collaborations

Sharing the stories of our artists and makers is something we love doing.  We do this through our Makers We Love journal posts regularly.  

We are open to other ideas that can help educate our customers on your products, e.g. how your products are made, how to choose quality-made products like yours, what sustainability practices do you implement in your business, are all examples that would be great to share. 

Other ideas and a survey

Some other ideas that we are considering are new ways for vendors to sell through our site, starting conversations regarding products (e.g. development, collabs, or critiques), and creating a vendors-only email list to have access to these ideas and more in the future. 

We're sure this is just the tip of the iceberg of what else could be helpful to our small business community.  We would love to hear your ideas and interest in the topics we've mentioned here.  Please fill out this google survey so we can connect and help however we can.

Let's help each other through this by sticking together.  We are all CHAMPIONS OF LOCAL.

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