Using Candles to Create a Calm Home Environment

Using Candles to Create a Calm Home Environment

From little feet running around to Zoom meeting calls being scheduled at the worst time, it can be hard to find a moment of peace and relaxation right now. Spending more time in our homes has led to us feeling cooped up and stressed. One way to relieve that stress is by burning candles to create a calm home environment.

Pretty Packaging 

The moment you grab a match to light your candle you’re setting your intentions on creating a calm environment. The soft flicker of the candle’s flame will help soothe your soul and allow you to put yourself into a meditative state. Our Dahntahn candle from the Pittsburgh Neighborhood collection by PGH Candle is one of our favorite candles to burn. Why? The amber jar creates a beautiful flame to mesmerize you with its warm flicker. You’ll love the oak moss and amber scent blend too!

Calming Scents

Choosing the scent of your candle is important. Lavender is known to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. Our Lavender + Lilac candle from North Ave Candles is the perfect choice. This light and smooth candle is made of a soft flower blend and will lift spirits by making your home feel cozy. Lavender + Lilac is part of The Banned Books Candle Collection and inspired by The Color Purple.


Soy Candles

Aside from helping you create a calm and cozier home; you want the candles you’re burning to be healthy too. If you burn a lot of candles, you’ll notice that non soy candles produce a black powder substance around the rim of your candle. That’s called soot. Soy candle wax does not contain paraffin meaning they burn cleaner and produce less soot. Lit Soy Candle Co makes vegan candles that allow a cleaner and longer burn. Our favorite is the Tired AF candle. Its hazelnut scent is perfect to pair with your morning coffee.


Locally Made

All in all, the best feeling when you’re lighting a candle from love, Pittsburgh is knowing that you’ve supported a local artist. Our candle makers include Brewed 2 Burn, Bubbly 2 Burn, Lit Soy Candle Co, North Ave Candles, PGH Candle, Soyil, and our very own love, Pittsburgh scents. If you miss the feeling (and smell) of walking into our shop, create it at home with our signature scented LOVE candle.

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