Turning A New Leaf

Turning A New Leaf

With fall comes to an abundance of different leaves and identifying them isn't always easy but lucky for you we're here to give you the perfect guide to identify the most common leaves!

I Can't Be-LEAF It!

Starting with the basics lets take a look the most common tree in our area.

Red Maple

The easiest way to identify this tree is by the leaf which can also be found on the Canadian flag.  These trees are known for shedding "helicopters" in the Spring and bearing beautiful bright scarlet or orange leaves in the fall.


White Oak

While the Pittsburgh area is home to a variety of Oak trees the White Oak is the most common.  Similar to the Red Maple it is easily identified by its unique leaves which feature round or pointed knobs around them.  This tree is also known for its acorns.  The leaves can turn shades of yellow, red, or brown.



The Dogwood tree is most likely the prettiest tree that can be found in our area.  These trees can be identified by their smooth-edged leaves with veins that curve parallel to the edges. Throughout the Spring season you can see beautiful white or pink bracts, however, when fall begins bright red leaves will steal the show.  

So get out there and check out all of the beautiful fall foliage that Pittsburgh has to offer and tag us in any fun fall pictures around the city! @lovepittsburghshop

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