Travel Collection

Travel Collection

Going on a big trip this summer? Take a look at some of the products in our new travel collection!  All of these items were hand-picked to help get you ready for whatever adventure you'd like to go on.

Small Notebooks

Going on a long trip? Whether it’s a plane or car ride, you may need something to help pass the time.  Try these small lined notebooks for some journaling or drawing!  These notebooks come in many different colors and patterns, so there is a choice for everyone!

love, Pittsburgh Tote

This love, Pittsburgh tote could be the perfect pair for your next vacation.  Whether you need a bag to carry things to the beach or to walk around an amusement park, this reusable tote bag is just for you! It was created  by Kelly and Monica to sprinkle a little magic love, Pittsburgh onto their products.

Una Biologicals Perfume

These travel size perfumes are created of recyclable glass by Una Biologicals in Lawrenceville.  They are free from chemicals, additives, unnecessary preservatives, and artificial fragrances.  It is the perfect size to keep in your purse if you need it on the go!


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