Time to Order Your Seeds for Spring Sowing

Time to Order Your Seeds for Spring Sowing

In the midst of winter, it is nice to have gardening to look forward to in the spring. Now is the time that you will want to plan out your garden and begin to order your seeds. I have gathered together some of my favorite quality seed catalogs and references for you to peruse on these cold winter days. You will be all set to start sowing your veggies, annuals, and perennials when March rolls around.

Baker Creek

It is such a delight to receive the Baker Creek seed catalog in the mail during the winter months. The hyper-colorful pictures of their plants brightens any dreary winter day. Order your free catalog here.

Fedco Seeds

Fedco Seeds catalogs are a true treasure. They are famous for their funny quips and off-the-wall illustrations. This is a true gem in the seed catalog world. To order go here: https://www.fedcoseeds.com/connect.

Ernst Seeds

If you're looking for local to western PA, you must try Ernst Seeds which is located in Meadville, PA. They are great for bulk orders and have a large selection of seeds for restoration and meadow plantings. Turn a patch of your backyard into a blooming meadow with their seed mixes. 

Prairie Moon Nursery

This is the site for native plant seeds. Many gardening gurus trust Prairie Moon for their native plant seed purchases. They have great options for a variety of plants that will thrive in different locations and sun/water requirements; like the shady woodland seed mix and pollinator palooza seed mix.

Happy seed shopping!

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