The Secret Benefits of being on a Women-only Team

The Secret Benefits of being on a Women-only Team

Our team makeup as of late has consisted of only women.  This wasn't intentional, and we've had great guys on our team in the past.  It's a lovely coincidence that I'm especially thankful for, as I've discovered some of these secret benefits that make me love our work even more.


Nebby Newbie Onesie

Creative collaboration

When people interview with us, we are always curious about their creative sides.  Regardless of whether someone joins our team already making products, we love stoking inspiration and encouraging our members to make things that we can sell in the shops. 

Several team members have started their own brands (Moss and Fern, Wicksburgh, Cecil St. Knots, and even more on the way soon!) Some have collaborated with us on new product developments (Nebby Newbie Onesie is just one example, contributed by Jen!).  No idea is too small, as they may translate into store displays, marketing ideas, and more!  

It's extremely rewarding to see this form of girl-powered self-expression, and inspires me to continue in my own creative practice.  It's a positive force where we are feeding off of each other's creativity.


Kristen and Jen in our Heart Keystone Sweatshirt

We are our own best customer

It is 100% true that our team are the top love, Pittsburgh customers!  I mean, how can we be expected to resist being around so many cute things all day :)  

What better way to get customer insights than by listening to our team, seeing how they react to new products and ideas, and learning what gets them excited.  By being our own customer, we are bringing you even more things that we, and you, will love!


Team All Hands Meeting

Mission driven

As a woman-owned business it is a key value that we are supporting other women in business, from artists, services we purchase, and of course our team!  Even our interns from the past three years have all been smart, young women.  It feels wonderful to know that with every job offer, promotion, and raise, we are empowering a team of women in a world that is still catching up with work-place equity.  

Additionally, knowing that several women from our team alone have started their own businesses with our encouragement, is EXACTLY what we're here for.  



Nebby Sticker by LuluZ

See us succeed

As you can tell, we're huge cheerleaders of our team.  We love bragging about our Dream Team whenever we have the chance.  It's an extra honor to see them take on projects and knock them out of the park. 

From the beautiful photos Kristen styles for our social accounts, the crafted prose of journal entries by Amber, or the behind-the-scenes conquering of website maintenance by Jen, these are just a few examples of all of the magic our team creates.  We couldn't do it without them, and my absolute favorite feeling is seeing a capable woman succeed in tackling a challenge.


Friends at Grandview Park

Friends beyond the shop walls

I've traveled with team members, spent holidays together, and have attended concerts with them.  And this is just my lucky experience.  I love that other team members have found friends in each other outside of the workplace.  It strengthens our relationships in the day-to-day interactions.  Friendships help us maintain open and honest communication, which makes the store a love-filled place to work.

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