The Perfect Holiday Gift for Each Coworker

The Perfect Holiday Gift for Each Coworker

Finding the perfect holiday gift for your co-workers can be quite a tricky task (even for Santa). With our gifts ranging from a relaxing Celestine Bath Soak to Curly Tail’s Peppermint Mocha Coffee, you’ll be sure to find something affordable for everyone while simultaneously supporting local artists from Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. It’s a win-win.

For The Organizer: TooManySparkles Small Lined Notebook

Our shops carry a wide range of beautiful notebooks and sketchbooks from toomanysparkles. For the ‘organizer’ of the office, keeping things in order is key. These notebooks are the perfect gift, as they have fun designs while small enough to keep in a purse or bag. 

If this person happens to have a furry best friend, the Paw Patrol Small Notebook is the perfect option. The Marble Swirl Notebook has a fun yet elegant pattern with tones of pink and purple while the Ideas Notebook is simple, yet straight to the point. With so many patterns and prints available on our site.

For the Food Stealer: Best Ever Granola

Trust us when we say it really is the best granola ever. With hints of coconut, Pennsylvania maple syrup, and a touch of pink Himalayan sea salt, this plant based granola by Sarah Kaminski is pure fuel and bliss for the body and the soul. 

For the coworker who always asks for ‘just one bite’ of your morning snack or who tries to steal your entire lunch, the Best Ever Granola is a great gift option. It’s so delectable, they’ll forget all about wanting your food.

For the Stressed One: Celestine Bath Soak

We get it, work can be extremely stressful. If you have a coworker who needs to take a minute (or five) for themselves, the Celestine Bath Soak is the perfect self care gift.

This blend of bath salts, made by Miko DeHoniesto, features a delightful and seamless blend of jasmine, rosemary, pine, and fennel. This gift will help your worker put the laptop down for a night, light a warm and cozy candle or two, and relax for once with no work distractions.

For the One Who’s Perpetually Late: Curly Tail’s Peppermint Mocha Coffee

For every stressed out coworker who needs the Celestine Bath Soak, there’s another who needs that extra kick of caffeine. Whether they slept in, set their alarm to PM instead of AM, or spent the whole night working on getting materials ready for today, chances are they could use some coffee. The Peppermint Mocha Coffee, made by the amazing Nicole Waltenbaugh (owner of Curly Tail Coffee) can be found in our shops in two sizes. With a subtle hint of a peppermint mocha flavor and just the right amount of caffeine, this is a wonderful gift that any coffee drinker will be sure to love.

For the Boss: Rivers Stripe Tankard

The Rivers Stripe Tankard, skillfully crafted by Heidi of Whitehall Pottery, is the perfect gift for any boss. Aside from the fact that this handmade mug is gorgeous, it’s multifunctional. It holds coffee, tea, beer, or any drink of choice, but it can also act as a wonderful and unique pencil holder for your desk. Perfect for any multi-tasking boss with a hectic work schedule.

No matter who in the workplace you need a holiday gift for, we have you covered. By shopping with us, you can get your gift shopping done while also supporting local Pittsburgh artists. There’s something in store for every coworker this holiday season.

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