Thank You Gifts

Thank You Gifts

We have a lot of spectacular options when it comes to saying "Thank you" to those people in your lives that provide you with a safe space to rest or surprise you with a special gift. Take a look at some of the products that we recommend below. 

Tasty Seasonings

Liokareas Greek Olive Oil is a delicious thank you for the fun times shared around your friend's or neighbor's dining table. Pair it with Steel City Salts Himalayan Salt and Peppercorn Gift Pack or the sublime spice blend of Steeltown Garlic and Herb. The olive oil and herbs blend well to form a delectable dip for fresh baked bread. A snack enjoyed by all.

Teas and Coffees

Another thoughtful gift, for someone on your need-to-thank list, is tea and coffee. We have a wide variety of teas to choose from that all have a distinct Pittsburgh feel. Our teas are curated with Abeille Voyante in Millvale and we have four different types. Each tea encompasses the flavors and heart of different areas of downtown: the love, Pittsburgh Blendthe Strip District Blend, the Mount Washington Blend, and the Cultural District Blend. There is also a Yinzer Tea Sampler that makes an excellent gift with nine different Pittsburghese-named loose leaf teas.

We also have some vibrant coffee roasts that will lift the spirits of the person you need to thank. Black Forge's love, Pittsburgh Blend has a dark, robust flavor. Two others that are a coffee sipper's delight are Curly Tail Coffee's love, Pittsburgh blend and their Peanut Butter flavored coffee. YUM :P

Add in a tea towel with the coffee and tea gift to make it extra special. We have a variety of really cute tea towels that will be at home in any kitchen. 


Candles are a wonderful way to say "thank you" and make a space feel comfortable and inviting. Our newest additions to our candle collection are Wicksburgh's trio of heavenly scented tins: Currant Oak Palo Santo, Vanilla Tobacco, and Lavender Sage

Blis 23 Candle Co. also has a trio of candles that would make for a lovely thank you gift. Choose from the Andy Candle, the Rachel Candle, or the Roberto Candle or gift all three. Each candle is imbued with the aroma that is reflective of these three legendary Pittsburghers; Andy Warhol, Rachel Carson, and Roberto Clemente. Make a wish with all these threes. ;)



You can't go wrong with a simple card to say that you appreciate someone. We have some sweet Meshwork Press thank you cards that are sure to bring a smile to the recipient. Check out the Yellow Garden TY Card and "Thanks for helping me grow" Card.

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