Team Gift Guide

Team Gift Guide

Some of our team members are happy to share the gifts on their holiday list this year.

First up we have Jen:


Jen says:

3 things I want/good gifts for friends!

 Next up is Samantha:

Samantha shares:

 Here’s the 3 things I would love to be gifted or gift to someone else:

  • Lavender + Lilac Candle- who doesn’t like lighting a beautiful smelling candle on cool fall/ winter night
  • love, Pittsburgh tote bag- they’re super in style & can literally hold anything (also SUSTAINABILITY)
  • Sketchbook/ Journal- for me and a lot of people I know, journaling has been such a good way to destress during this pandemic.

Finally, we have some shopping favorites from our 2 Kellys at love, Pittsburgh.

Kelly Y, who is a proud mom of two handsome pet rats named Mortimer and Fitzgerald (and is dreaming of sunflower fields)

Kelly Y. says: Always on my Christmas list is Arbor House soaps Balsam and Cedar because it makes shower time smell like the holidays.

I’d like to leave Santa some Leona’s, so I’ll leave a note for him to check the freezer.

And the gift I love to give is North Ave candles .  The Bourbon and Tobacco Flower Candle is I think a universal scent that anyone will love.

Last up is Kelly S: 

Kelly S says: I love all of our logo drinking vessels. They compliment any kitchen or bar, available in stemless wine, pint, and shot glasses.


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