Team Gardens & Growth

Team Gardens & Growth

Our love, Pittsburgh team has been working hard to grow gardens, plants, and more over the past few months and we wanted to share our growth with you. 


Our garden is small but mighty this summer, with strong tomato plants, lettuce, broccoli. We are also trying out some pepper plants and a cutie that blooms hot pink flowers we picked up from @soilsisters412.


Here are some snippets of my little indoor plant family that I’ve been growing for a few years. They’ve had a lot of extra love and care recently because of quarantine; I have no more excuses not to water them! I’ve been spending extra time repotting, pruning and propagating every day, to keep them and myself happy. I’ve also started giving them little daily showers with a spray bottle – I keep my room extra cold in the summer and don’t want them to get dehydrated.

I’ve been especially excited about my big bird of paradise, because after a whole year of dormancy, she has sprouted two new giant leaves in the past month! I’m also really pleased with the growth from my heartleaf philodendron – I propagated it from my mom’s 20-year-old plant (named George), and she’s growing very full and long. Some of my other beauties include two fiddle leaf figs, some pileas, three monsteras and a bunch of pothos varieties. I have a couple of orchids that are dormant right now, and a large peace lily that lives with my parents. My plants hold a special place in my heart – indoor gardening is my favorite and most relaxing hobby.



My tomato plant is finally taking off and getting blossoms. I've already had one large zucchini and eaten a lot of lettuce. This is my first time with my own raised bed started entirely from seeds. 


Our family started a new raised bed vegetable garden. We are growing different varieties of peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes. In addition to those, there is broccoli, Boston lettuce, zucchini, sweet potatoes, dill and basil. I planted nasturtiums and marigolds around the beds to help repel pests. The garden was a big undertaking, which we started in May. We had to level the area with dirt and limestone, then added the beds. I used topsoil and mushroom manure in equal parts to fill the beds. We have not had to fertilize yet and everything is growing really great! Deer are a major problem for us, so we placed wire fencing around the front edge and there is an existing privacy fence around the back.

We also started a little fairy rock garden earlier in the summer. It has painted upturned terra-cotta pots as houses, wine cork mushrooms, and a rock fortress. Some of the plants we used were sedum, scented geraniums, and zinnias.  


My boyfriend and I started this garden from scratch as a quarantine project. Now we are picking the last of our lettuce before they bloom, then we’ll collect the seeds for next year. Plus, we’ve got some tomatoes and cherry tomatoes on the way!


I’m happy to announce that my aloe plant, Alan, had pups! I thought I accidentally killed Alan, like I do with most plants, but he just needed a new pot and some extra TLC. I’ve had this plant for almost two years and hope to keep it growing for more to come. The first photo is of him dying. The second two are of him of him thriving!  (I need to pull off his dead leaves don't judge him. I'm not good at this plant mom stuff!)

(not a happy plant)

(getting happier!)

(new babies!)

We hope the last few months have been full of growth and love to see what you've been growing in your garden! Tag us on social media @lovepittsburghshop.

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