Taylor Swift Gift Guide

Taylor Swift Gift Guide

Are you "...Ready For It?" It's here Swiftburgh!! Tonight is the first of Taylor's two concerts here in Pittsburgh. We thought why not join in on the fun and create a gift guide inspired by some of the Taylor eras?



We'll start with the newest era, Midnights!

1. The lavender and sage candle is perfect for getting lost in the "Lavender Haze."


2. It rains a lot here in Pittsburgh, so this cute little rain cloud necklace represents Pittsburgh itself so well, but also the song "Midnight Rain."

3. If "Maroon" happens to be your favorite song on the album, have no fear! We have so many different incense to choose from.

4. Taylor herself says karma is sweet like honey, so might as well stock up on honey while you're at it.


5. Lastly, for this era the starry Pittsburgh night print gives us glitch vibes and we are here for it.



Next up, Evermore.

6. How about wearing the glass that shattered on a white cloth? This broken glass necklace is beautiful, and just that.

7. "Champagne Problems" are no problem with the honey cakes and sparkling wine candle.

8. While Taylor doesn't love a "Gold Rush," being the city whose sports teams are black and gold....we like the gold. We have gold foil and golden triangle prints, and to stock your kitchen up gold dust, black and gold sauce, and black and gold blend salt.



Being as our store writes as a love note to Pittsburgh, we couldn't pass up a gift guide on Lover.

9. We agree it's "nice to have a friend," so send them a card to say, "Hi n'at."

10. While we love the idea of paper rings we do like shiny things too.

11. Our signature scented candle is called love, which is fitting.

12. Speaking of love, that's the name of our new store dedicated to things that bring us joy and make us feel love. Everything in the store gives us Lover vibes.

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