Sustainable Christmas Trees

Sustainable Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are a staple of the holiday season. However, they are not always the most sustainable choice. Here are some suggestions on how to be eco-friendly when picking out your Christmas tree.

Thrift Artificial Trees

If you’d rather have an artificial tree than a real one, start by looking at second-hand stores. There may be some primo vintage options out there for getting even more use out of an artificial tree, rather than buying a new one! 

artificial christmas tree

Source: Architectural Digest

DIY Christmas Trees

Instead of cutting down a tree or buying an artificial one, try your hand at making your own! Zig-zag garland in the shape of a tree on the wall, use leftover cardboard you may have to create a standing tree structure, or find branches to hang ornaments from. Get creative while also being sustainable!

cardboard tree        branch tree       garland tree

Source: Pinterest

Support Artists

If you aren’t the DIY type, there are many artists out there who are! You can look on artists’ sites to see what kind of creative trees they make and sell. Not only will you get a beautiful Christmas tree, but you’ll be supporting a small artist as well! 

diy christmas tree

Source: Pinterest


If you do get a live Christmas tree to celebrate the season, there are places around the city to recycle them once you are ready to take it down. Loads of Pittsburgh parks offer drop-off locations where the city will pick up the trees. Make sure to take all your lights, ornaments, and other decorations off first!

Check out the City of Pittsburgh's website and Allegheny County's website for more information on Christmas tree recycling.

recycled tree

Source: Pittsburgh PA Gov

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