Sustainability Collection

Sustainability Collection

We're introducing our Sustainability Collection, and here are some of our personal favorites!

Kreepy Dolls

These dolls are made by Daniel Baxter made of repurposed fabrics.  Using techniques such as upcycling helps to achieve two of the 3 “Rs” of recycling: reduce and reuse.  Doing this saves materials from the landfill, reduces what is going into the landfill, minimizes the use of natural resources, and reduces the pollutants of air, land, and water in the processing of new goods.

Lovett Sundries

Lovett Sundries makes a bar of soap that cleans your hair without stripping away the natural oils that belong there.  When creating their items they try to limit the amount of plastic they are using.  The only way to truly turn the tide of plastic pollution is to stop the waste from entering our waterways, oceans,  and rivers.  Aside from just destroying our oceans, it is important to make an effort to go plastic-free because it has a harmful effect on animals and our own bodies.

Fjord and Fable

 Fjord and Fable creates candles that are poured into restaurant-grade rock glasses.  After the candle burns completely, it can be used as a glass to enjoy your favorite beverage.  Reusing items begins with the attitude that products and materials have usefulness beyond the original intention.  It is so important to reuse products and materials because it saves or delays purchasing and disposal costs, conserves resources, reduces the waste stream,  causes less pollution that recycling or making new products from virgin materials, and makes needed items available to those who can’t afford to buy them new.



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