Sunshine, Lollipops (Thunderstorms), and Rainbows

Sunshine, Lollipops (Thunderstorms), and Rainbows

Spring in Pittsburgh is usually filled with rainy, stormy, and sometimes even snowy weather. But... we sure do get a lot of rainbows too! 

Check out all the rainbow gifts we have in our shops.

Crocheted Rainbows

The rainbow of hope will bring joy to any room in the house.

The mini, crochet rainbow ornament or pierogi (if you prefer) can be displayed with pride from a houseplant or maybe your rearview mirror.


Rainbow Onesie

A truly Pittsburgh greyscale rainbow onesie in bright yellow will look the sweetest on cute babies.

Rainbow Stickers


Pittsburgh Pride at it's finest. Display the cloud sticker proudly on a car bumper or water bottle.

The keystone sticker showcases your Pennsylvania roots.

Rainbow Card and Postcard


Arbor and Oak has the happiest rainbow card for cheering up loved ones.
Say, "Hello!" with a greyscale rainbow postcard while visiting in town or send to your best penpals.


Golden Triangle Art

Red Robot's Golden Triangle print is a vivid array of color and makes for a lovely keepsake that highlights our beautiful city's skyline, rivers, point, and incline.

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