Summer Travel Gifts

Summer Travel Gifts

Summer is one of the best times to plan a visit to a faraway place and take on a new adventure. Maybe you are even fortunate enough to stay with family or friends. We have the best packable host gifts to take with you on that majestic getaway.

the gift of love

We have some small options of our LOVE scented product line that make thoughtful gifts to give to your host while you are traveling. Also, a great option for yourself if you are not staying with a host. 

We really enjoy our LOVE scent which is comprised of bamboo, black tea, and bergamot. It is a refreshingly clean, soft scent that isn't overpowering. 

The travel size Lovett Sundries LOVE hand and body cream fits easily anywhere. It pairs well with the travel size LOVE soap from Arbor House Soaps and our small LOVE candle tin. A sweet trio for gifting.

for the foodies


Bring your host a taste of Pittsburgh with these travel friendly foodie gifts.  

Steel City Salt Company is a hometown favorite for spice blends. We carry smaller portion jars of their delectable salts and spices. These will be sure to make any host and chef pleased. Everyone loves our love, Pittsburgh Everything Salt

For a little bit of flavor from the Strip, nothing says the Strip District like some cured sausage Sopressata from Parma sausage available in mild or hot.

Sweets and candy make for a decadent treat. Choose from one of Sarris's Chocolate bars or our love, Pittsburgh Chocolate Bar made by My Favorite Sweet Shoppe. 

Two more sugary treats that are sure to be a hit are Scamp's Chocolate Covered Toffee from Ligonier and Goat Rodeo Caramels. Melt-in-your-mouth goodness with these two. 

Create a sweet and salty mini gift pack by pairing a spicey and a sugary treat.

fun and games

Come prepared for your journey and leave a little Pittsburgh behind. Grab a toomanysparkles fabric notebook and leave as a guestbook for your hosts. Or start a new trend with leaving a little sketch in the book and each guest can leave a new drawing of their vacation time too!

It's always nice to have a deck of cards on hand. Our art deco inspired casino quality card deck is excellent for whipping up a game of Euchre on a rainy day. Also perfect for evenings with your friends and family enjoying other card games.

Maybe your host has a dog and you can take them a present for their fur baby! Kin of Duncan's newest summer inspired dogdannas have the coolest prints perfect for pets. 

Wherever your travel plans take you this summer, we hope you have the best time!!



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