Summer Grilling with Steel City Salts

Summer Grilling with Steel City Salts

Grilling outside triggers summer feels. That smokiness from cooking on a grill cannot be beat. Here are some favorite ways to grill using Steel City Salts in our vegetarian home.


There is nothing like grilled bread! We like to cut diagonal slices into a baguette, brush with Liokareas Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and grill both sides to a nice char. Garnish with what you find in your fridge, from cool cucumber or tomato slices to roasted red or peppers. We love to grill some shisito peppers to go along with the toasted bread. Grind a dash of Steeltown Garlic and Herb Blend on top for perfection. For an added treat,  include a chunk of parmesan and kalamata olives on the side.


John from Steel City Salt taught us a way to amp up your vegetables is the Maple Jalapeño Blend for a Brussel sprouts kick. We have also found that our signature love, Pittsburgh Everything Salt truly does taste great on EVERYTHING. Favorite recent discovery is grilled green beans, tossed with sesame oil and our signature salt. 


As a vegetarian house, our grilled proteins are meat free. One favorite preparation is brushing sliced tofu with black truffle oil, then seasoning with the Black & Gold blend. Earthy and lemony with a touch of summer.

Enjoy those grilled treats, with or without the meats.

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