Summer Gallery Crawl: Dream Team

Summer Gallery Crawl: Dream Team

The Cultural Trust Gallery Crawl is always a highlight for us at our Downtown location. We love turning up the tunes, staying open late, and enjoying the joy shared by the crawlers. For the July 28th crawl, we are excited to feature work from our very own Dream Team!

Collage Art by Monica

Ever since repurposing past issues of ski magazines taken off of the floor of Willi's Ski Shop, I've found joy in the creativity of making collage art.  I love working within the constraints of what I find within a few issues of old magazines as my source materials.  

The contents of any collage contains a few elements that I feel connected to personally, like sailing, tea, or fruit - all favorite things of mine.  I combine these with elements of luxury, such as jewels and currency to create positive tension where opulence and nature meet.

Flora Slates by Amber Hartung and Jeanne Marie Hannan

I have a passion for plants and gardening and began pressing flowers from my garden and framing them a few years ago. With the help of my friend, Jeanne- who also loves plants, we started Moss & Fern. Jeanne and I began to preserve foliage and flowers in resin, and decided to try it on old roofing slates that Monica had laying around. We really enjoy the way the botanicals stand out on the slates.

Fabric Art Cards By Kelly

My love for music and rescued fabric join forces in this tight toomanysparkles collection. Featured are upcycled fabric music art cards. Find your favorite genre, like "Punk Rock," Yacht Rock," and "Goth," as unique art. During the evening of the Gallery Crawl, I will also have limited edition music themed notebooks available.


While you are enjoying the Gallery Crawl, stop by our sister store, love, 489 Market Street. love, will be open late to join the art party!

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