Summer Breeze: Our Latest One-Of-A-Kind Collection

Summer Breeze: Our Latest One-Of-A-Kind Collection

“Summer breeze, makes me feel fine…” Welcome to our newest One Of A Kind Collection, Summer Breeze. This one is for the dreamers out there, gazing at the sky, watching the birds and clouds roll by. Shades of blue are the hues. 


Nothing like a fresh toomanysparkles notebook full of blank pages. Find vintage fabric covers featuring sharks, florals, fishes and more. Take one to the park, riverside, beach, or wherever you like to plan your adventures, make lists, sketch your surroundings, etc…

 Kin Of Duncan

Jazmieres latest drop of Kin Of Duncan dogdannas and scrunchies scream summer. Fluffy clouds? Check. Birds? Check. Fireworks? But of course! It's Pittsburgh! Boom. 

Kelly’s Vintage Treasures

Rounding out the One-Of-A-Kind assortment are Kelly's Vintage Treasures. Summery dishes, vessels, and glassware can be found in the Summer Breeze collection. As usual, act fast, because these well-priced vintage pieces are quickly snatched up.

(PS: check out our shop windows, filled with all shades of bluebirds frolicking under Pittsburgh clouds. Hello summer!)


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