Staycation All I Ever Wanted

Staycation All I Ever Wanted

Who doesn't deserve a staycation? Taking even just a small amount of time off can benefit mental health. Give yourself a few days to recharge and treat yourself to something out of the ordinary. Here is some inspiration to help plan your next holistay:

Explore a new neighborhood

Are you a city slicker? A hotel Downtown makes an ideal homebase for exploring our pretty city. The newest to open, The Industrialist,  is absolutely gorgeous.

If you prefer to immerse yourself in a neighborhood, AIRBNBs may be more your speed. Our friend, Marta, would be happy to host you in her North Side spot:

Into the woods

If an escape into nature is more your vibe, you can find wooded options all around Pittsburgh. Several of us on the team have enjoyed a trip to  The Getaway. The giant majestic pine trees central to the cabins are stunning. Want to explore something trendier, like glamping? We are all seriously considering booking a yurt in the woods. A great start is searching on Glamping Hub

Found this situation that looks like loads of fun for a large group in West Virginia: glamping retreat

Home away from home

Happier at home? Turn your living room into a hotel room! Pile pillows, blankets, and your fave stuffed-or real- animal onto your couch, live in a cozy robe, order take out and pretend its room service, read all the books, binge HBO Max and DIY Network, maybe even linger in a long hot soak or shower in your bathroom-turned-spa. Pretend your living room is a 5 star hotel in an exotic land and enjoy the escape. Only problem is you can’t call up housekeeping when reality hits and your staycation comes to an end.

Share with us your staycation adventures!

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