Spring One Of A Kind: Honeybunch

Spring One Of A Kind: Honeybunch

We are catching Spring feelings over here. What better way to welcome the change in season than with our next One-Of-A-Kind collection, Honeybunch.


Blooms, buds, and bees all signal the season to spring forward. Time to come out of our hibernation to relish regrowth, blue skies, and longer days. The golden color of pure honey is the star of this assortment.


Shades of the softest yellow to the deepest honey gold ground the upcycled fabric sketchbooks and notebooks by toomanysparkles. Spy countless sizes and shapes of buds, flowers, and winged creatures. The cutest honeycomb quilt print is also in the mix.


Honey colored golden glass dishes of all shapes and sizes make up the bulk of this vintage assortment. Also find an adorable hand painted small pitcher, a sweet framed soft pastel bouquet, and more.


Need more honey vibes? Check out the honeycomb shapes with stained glass effects in our shop windows. 


We have fantastic locally made goods that feel right at home in our Honeybunch collection.


The Honey Bear by Pittsburgh Honey is a classic. For some fashion honey, Apoidea concocts artisanal infusions like Cardamom + Rose Petal and Rosemary + Knotweed.


Pressed and dried flowers are a way to eternally enjoy springs blossoms. Moss And Fern artfully arrange pressed botanicals, while Roxanne's Dried Flowers dreams up magical everlasting bouquets.


If scent is your thing, the Wildflowers Of Pennsylvania Candle by PGH Candle has become a customer favorite. New to our candle offerings is the North Ave Candle Cloud Cuckooland Candle, deliciously scented with honey cakes and sparkling wine.


Want to send some floral love out into the world? Check out Bebe Blu Designs Spring Flower Card Set. Pink peonies, peony buds, blue poppies, thistles, iris buds, and bachelor buttons adorn the set of six cards. 

Happy Spring!

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