Spring Into New Arrivals

Spring Into New Arrivals

As we head into spring, we've been busy adding new products to our shop! Many include products from artists that we already carry and some are from makers new to our shop! Here are a few of our spring highlights: 

Cancelled Plans by Lit Soy Candle Co. 

This is the candle made for staying in. Anyone relate to cancelling a night out to stay home in bed? Or maybe this is the perfect gift for that one friend who tends to reschedule... Either way, take a hot bath, kick your feet up, and pour yourself a glass a champagne with this candle. Check out other Lit Soy Candles here (and peep our other new candle, Wanderlust). 

Pickle Bunny Kreepy Doll by Daniel Baxter

Daniel Baxter has been in our shop for years! Each time he visits, we receive a new batch of one-of-a-kind, individually named dolls. It's always so fun to go through each one and see where Daniel's endless creativity takes him. Fun fact: Daniel is also the artist behind the mural at our Mount Washington location. Check out the rest of our Kreepy Doll collection here.

Orange Blossom Lip Scrub by Abeille Beaute

Give your lips the spa treatment with this Orange Blossom lip scrub. A few minutes of this whipped scrub will reveal perfectly soft and lush lips. We also just added their Rose Lip Scrub. Created by the makers of Pittsburgh Honey, Abeille Beaute handcrafts their products using natural honey from their Pittsburgh Honey hives. 

Chickadee Print by Keeney Design

Rachel Keeney of Keeney Designs gets her inspiration from details found in the environment. For all the bird lovers out there, we carry several types birds in art prints, stickers, and cards. Check out our Keeney Design collection here!

Say Yes To Sriracha Sauce by Uncle Jammy's

If you like a little heat to your BBQ sauce, try Uncle Jammy's Say Yes to Sriracha. Sweet and smokey Sriracha BBQ sauce with sriracha's chili-garlic flavor and tangy finish. With the warm weather setting in, it's time to warm up the grill and stock up on BBQ sauces! We carry two other sauces by Uncle Jammy's, see more here.

City Deck Cards by love, Pittsburgh

Every home needs a deck of cards on hand! As small groups are beginning to gather, it's time to start planning game nights! Enjoy a warm day outside while playing card games with friends and family.


Would you like to stay updated on new products we add? Hit the refresh button on our New Arrivals page to always see the latest.

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