Spring Decorating Ideas and Trends

Spring Decorating Ideas and Trends

If you are looking for some spring inspiration for your home, below are some DIY decorating ideas as well as some trends we are loving this season.

DIY Decorating


Grapevine wreaths are my go-to for seasonal decorating. You can pick one up at any local craft store. For spring, I like to purchase long-lasting stems such as pussy willow or eucalyptus. It's as easy as cutting the stems and shoving them into the wreath! You can do this with faux stems as well. The beautiful part about this is you can pop out the stems and reuse the wreath for other seasons!

source: www.bhg.com

Egg Decorating

There's a million ways to decorate Easter eggs, but using old silk ties or fabric is one of my favorites. It is surprisingly simple and you can follow a step-by-step guide here.

source: bhg.com

Table Runner 

It could be because my mom always did this, but I'm a fan of seasonally switching out the table runner on my dining table. Alas, table runners can be PRICEY, so why not just make one? All you need is beginner sewing skills (or honestly just some fabric glue). There are countless beautiful fabrics at fabric stores and even certain thrift stores. You get to pick the one that speaks to you, and they are typically quite inexpensive. Youtube has a myriad of step-by-step tutorials for DIY table runners. Before you know it, you'll have a piece of decor that no one else can buy! :)

Spring Trends

Add Green

One easy way to add a fresh impact to your home is to add houseplants. Whether they are real or faux plants, decorating with greenery adds a lot of comfort and peace to a home. It's a great hobby, and plants are natural air purifiers. There are so many to choose from at local gardening stores, but love, Pittsburgh also carries a fun variety!

Green Kitchens

Speaking of green, green kitchen cabinets are all the rage in the interior design world. I am a green cabinet converter myself, and while painting them is a true labor of love, the calming vibe is worth it. 

source: www.farmhouseliving.com

Incorporate Antiques

Spring is a great time to go antiquing. Estate and garage sales are popping up everywhere this time of year, and being on the hunt to find treasures is one of my favorite pastimes. A lot of designers are starting to incorporate old with new to add warmth and interest to a space. So, if you have a family heirloom sitting in the basement, dust it off and put it on display! Another idea I've been seeing frequently that I really love is walls filled with antique mirrors. 

Personalized Gallery Wall

It's never been easier to order affordable art online. I personally have a growing collection of pup portraits on my walls. Another design feature trending right now is creating a personalized collage wall filled with art and pictures that are specific to your home and family. It's a great way to get artsy and create a wall that is meaningful to you. This can be intimidating, so here is a great guide with some fun ideas!



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