Sporty Pittsburgh Essentials

Sporty Pittsburgh Essentials

The madness of March basketball is upon us, Pittsburgh! Here is a guide for all your sporty wants and needs during NCAA Division Men's Basketball this weekend.


Stay warmed up on or off the courts with our classic River's Stripe Hoodie.



Represent the city of bridges while rebounding with our popular Bridge Socks.

If you prefer love, (or tennis,) over basketball, then our love, Crew Socks are for you.

Water Bottle

Pick up one of our Black Traveler Bottles for staying hydrated in the game or on the bench. Drink your water!


Truly this is the World's Best Granola. Period. 

Pittsburghese Book

Are you visiting Pittsburgh for March Madness? Then you need to understand the local vernacular with our Pittsburghese Guide. 

Travel Candle

Make any hotel room cozy with a travel candle. Our signature "love" scent of bamboo, black tea, and bergamot is a much-loved classic.

Room Spray


If you are more of a room spray type, the Beauty Vibe Spray created by Triple Moon Alchemy is a dreamy scent. Keeps your hotel room and gym bag fresh.

More from Our Sister Store, love,

Pack your basketball gear in the love, Dream Duffle, and don't forget a bandana for sweaty brow maintenance. Alley Oop!

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