A Few Local Women-Run Businesses We Love

A Few Local Women-Run Businesses We Love

In addition to our all-women team and loads of female fronted businesses we feature, we also go out of our way to work with woman run companies. Here are a few we have had the joy to work with over the last several years.

Rose colored creative

So far there have been three fun photoshoots all around Mount Washington with Rose Colored Creative photographer, Sarah Collins. We feel super lucky to collaborate with Sarah. She has a great eye, and works with us to cram in loads of beautiful photos of product laydowns, seasonal gift boxes, friends that are models, and much much more. Looking forward to our next shoot with her later this year. Thanks Sarah!


Trellis Legal

Marlene van Nelson heads up the team at Trellis LegalPittsburgh sure is lucky to have Marlene. Trellis Legal specializes in approachable legal services and prioritizes local entrepreneurs and businesses, non-profits, and local communities. It feels natural to us to work with another woman who is small business focused. She has helped us with everything from Employee Handbooks to negotiating commercial leases. We appreciate you Marlene.

Holly Koening

I first met Holly years ago through South Hills Power Yoga, falling in love with her teaching style in a restorative yoga class. She oozes calm, and offers a voice filled with relaxation. Fast forward to last fall, preparing to open our third location in the Strip District. I was specifically searching for a woman to paint our signs, and it wasn’t easy to find someone. Finally I reached out to the Pittsburgh Lettering Club to inquire about hiring a woman. I was so blown away when Holly was recommended. It was such a joy to see Holly again, and be able to work with her in a new way. We LOVE the signage too!

Perrico Plant Co.

Abi has the sweetest plant warehouse, Perrico Plant Co, tucked away in the heart of Lawrenceville. It is a wonderland of all things leafy and green. Abi offer loads of tips on how to be a successful plant parent on her website. We love that she even recommends pet friendly plants (we see you, dog and cat lovers out there.)


Ginny Rothschild leads the team at Workscape. Although we haven't yet had the privilege of redesigning an office space, Workscape has helped us in other ways. Ginny has referred us to commercial construction teams, including some led by women! There is also an incredible warehouse sale happening, where i picked up this fabulous yellow office chair last weekend. The second sale day is Saturday March 19. Check out their Instagram for more details, and tell them we sent you!

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